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If parts are late, or wrong, they are replaced at no charge.  We can carry your inventory costs until they are used in your production process.  That's putting our money where our mouth is.

At NTX-HighSpeedMachining, we take pride in serving a select group of customers. Although technology in our industry has changed radically in recent years, +/-.005" or -0/+,001mm still takes expertise and attention to detail to produce repeatedly over time at an acceptable cost.  Please browse our site to get a better feel for us to determine if you think we are worth sending a print to for quotation, or discussing any project in detail.


Equipment list

Exceptional machining tech

4 ea Mori-Seiki 500mm Pallet Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC's) with Through Spindle Coolant (TSC) and modular fixturing.
1 ea Benzinger, 4 axis lathe with live tools.
3 ea Tsugami spindle Swiss CNC lathes with live tooling capable of running 5mm-32mm (.197" to 1.260") bar stock.
2 ea Motoman (Yaskawa) ERC welding or pick and place robots.
Miller MIG (SMAW) and TIG (GTAW) and Plasma welding equipment.
6000 pound (2700 kg) payload capacity, 14ft flatbed delivery vehicle.
Fully redundant electrical utility and double air supply backup between two adjacent buildings for production security.
CAD/CAM: Fully licensed seats of Creo and Fusion360.Capable of leveraging your seats of Mastercam, Solidworks, Inventor or 3DX at your site if your NDA requires it.Fully compliant quality reporting via NetInspect. 
Stratasys 768SST 3D printer - ABS Plastic printing capable of nickel, hard chrome or other structurally strengthening surface coatings.

Custom Cogs

Custom designs if needed

We can deliver completed products to your production floor sorted out on boards in the order that your assemblers will use them.

Capable of develiping custom tooling to be used in making your parts.

Some shops get by with using the cheapest tools available but that limits total throughput and places an artificial limit on cycle time reduction.  Not always, but sometimes, move the dial types of gains can be made by using custom tools.

Metal Drills

Let us look at your parts with an eye for the entire production process.


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